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Zippy Shell Louisiana is here to make your life simpler by offering convenient portable storage solutions!

There are plenty of situations where you might find yourself needing additional storage. While this happens most often while you’re moving, there are many other occasions when that might be the case. If you plan to remodel your home or want to throw an elaborate party; you will find yourself needing some temporary space to put away some items for a while. Sure, this kind of situation might catch someone else off-guard; but if you know where to find the best New Orleans portable storage units – this won’t be an issue for you. Regardless of why you need mobile storage, Zippy Shell Louisiana is more than happy to provide you with anything you require in that regard!

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With our help, you’ll have the easiest time storing your things during a move!

Zippy Shell Louisiana – a storage provider you can rely on!

When we started out on the road to becoming one of the premier providers of New Orleans portable storage, we discovered something. While there were more than a few companies on the market, people had trouble selecting a storage company that was simultaneously affordable and trustworthy. It is our belief that relocating anywhere should be fruitful and interesting; not stressful and anxiety-inducing. That’s why we provide excellent storage options for people who require more space for their stuff. Apart from our professional moving services, we strive to make packing and storage as easy as possible as well.

Our company has built up an industry reputation that we can truly be proud of; we value the provision of dependable and helpful customer support, high-quality storage and moving services, and constantly try to improve upon our work. Indeed, we value the communities of people that support us, which is why we give back by giving you the best possible services at affordable rates. Regardless of the kind of help that you may need with your business or residential move, Zippy Shell Louisiana will be there to help you out. Once you move with our help, you will realize that enjoying a relocation is more than possible; you just need the right professionals by your side. 

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We realize that time is of the essence, especially on moving day!

Why use some of our portable storage units?

If you’re wondering why you should make use of our portable storage options; know that there are plenty of advantages to conducting your relocation in this way. Namely, the fact that you don’t have to take your things to storage; the storage units will arrive at your doorstep. Just this simple game-changer compared to regular storage is something that will help you out immensely. Think of all the energy and time that you would’ve otherwise spent on transporting all of your things to a storage facility. Even during local moves, this can be difficult; which is why we’re here to make things easier.

On the other hand, hiring portable storage units also means that there’s no need to worry about renting moving trucks. We will coordinate with your household and pick this portable storage container, before proceeding to drop it off at your chosen location. Considering this, you’ll find that Zippy Shell Louisiana is your one-stop-shop for a hassle-free relocation. And trust us, we know how much time can be of the essence while you’re moving; that’s why we try hard to be as efficient as humanly possible. 

Also, you’ll be relieved to know that we use moving containers of more than sufficient sizes. This means that not only will you have enough room to store all of the items that you’ll need; you will also be able to easily find your way around the storage unit if you need to pull something out. Indeed, our storage containers are designed to make sure you can pack each of your belongings while also organizing everything in a neat fashion. Every single thing you store with us will remain dry, safe, and perfectly sheltered for as long as you need them in storage. 

Plus, we want to stress that our storage containers can serve for more than moving. For instance, if you need some help organizing your garage in a more efficient way; chances are that you might need some extra storage while you figure out what you’re going to do with all of your stuff. In that situation, we’ll be more than happy to provide assistance.

Our New Orleans portable storage options have your needs in mind

If you’re looking for New Orleans portable storage options during a relocation; you’ll be happy to learn that Zippy Shell Louisiana is a company that fully understands your situation. We’ve been a part of countless moves across all kinds of locations; our employees know what it takes to pull off a relocation successfully and without issues. That’s why we want your relocation to lack the immense pressure of tight deadlines and rising anxiety. In fact, our portable storage solutions allow everyone to set the pace of their own relocation; the precise pace that suits them the most. Every household is different, and we all lead varying lives – we take that into consideration and aim to come up with great schedules that can suit everyone involved. 

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Contact us for any and all moving and storage needs!

Contact us for all storage needs

If you feel like you need some more space in your life, don’t worry; Zippy Shell Louisiana is there to provide you with all of the New Orleans portable storage options you might need. With our moving containers, all of the decisions regarding your belongings are up to you; you’ve got total control! As soon as you decide to relocate, or do something else that requires your things to be in storage; contact us and we’ll take care of everything else!


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The entire staff was great from the original reservation to movers. We had the shell packed up, stored for 3 months, and then delivered. Both moving crews were awesome! I love that they use their own people instead of outsourcing them like other companies. I can’t recommend them enough. Best service, best price, best people.

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