Storing office supplies in New Orleans: how to

Office clutter not only gets in the way but also makes the workspace monotonous and less productive. The more space and is there, the greater the motivation will be. That’s why the benefits of storing office supplies in New Orleans are more than welcome. On the other hand, if you are moving your office, you may want to consider hiring a professional Louisiana moving and storage company.

laptop and other office supplies
Storing your office supplies in New Orleans will keep the clutter away from your workspace.

At Zippy Shell Louisiana, you can find a professional team of commercial movers New Orleans has on offer. They will take care of your office move and help you disassemble your old and set up a new workspace. From organization to unpacking – we got all your moving needs covered. Make sure to contact us and learn more about our offer.

Storing office supplies for increased productivity

Once you deal with notebooks, pens, and other supplies, you will feel much more at ease. Plus, you will manage your office items without difficulties. Luckily, there are several common ways you can choose from to store excess supplies:

  • built-in storage
  • mobile storage
  • switching to enclosed workspace
  • building dowel shelves
  • New Orleans self storage rental

However, you must inventory your office before you decide how to store the supplies. Collect all documents, pens, sticky notes, notebooks, and so on. Decide how much storage space do you actually need. There’s no need to invest in storage solutions more than you need. So grab paper and pen and write down everything you own in the office. After that, it will be easier to declutter an entire office. Cleaner workspace is just one of the benefits of decluttering your New Orleans home office or regular office space. You also get the idea of the number of office supplies you will need probably next week. So ensure to get rid of unnecessary papers or expired pens.

Built-in storage is a common solution for storing office supplies in New Orleans

When you set up built-in storage, you will notice how easier it is to keep everything in order. You will know exactly where are the supplies you need. So make sure to get one built-in storage, and obtain enough boxes. Put notebooks, papers, pens, paperclips, and everything else inside them. Label the boxes with a sticky note or permanent market. That way, you will always know what’s inside them.

Mobile storage is another practical way to keep your office supplies in close proximity

They are quite easy to use and convenient. You can store a limited number of items, however, you will always be able to keep them close to you. In addition, your office will appear more spacious and tidy.

storing office supplies in New Orleans storage container
Put all your files in one place for a better organization.

The enclosed workspace is becoming more popular

Since many are moving their work to home offices nowadays, an enclosed workspace is something to look forward to. You get more room by creating an enclosed space designated for work. Plus, you have enough space inside it to store and keep your office supplies in one place. If you are a business owner, then maybe it’s time for some office refurbishment.

Dowel shelves are convenient for storing office supplies

You can install dowel shelves below any wall cabinet and therefore make a convenient office storage space. It’s ideal for office supplies that often end up on a table or scattered across the office. Also, they are quite easy to maintain.

Storage rental in New Orleans is where you can keep office items safe

The most popular way to keep the clutter away is storage rental. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide array of storage options. Portable units are perfect if you have a place to keep them. Steel construction keeps your stored items from moisture, rodents, and other unwanted guests. It’s also perfect for anything that doesn’t require a climate-controlled space.

Extra tips on packing office supplies before you store them

Don’t just dump your office supplies into several boxes, put them on shelves and call it a day. Take time to deal with each item carefully. Collect all paperwork and put them inside the files. Keep them separate from papers and notebooks. Next, use mugs or jars to keep the pens and markers in one place. Put scissors, scalpel, and other office tools in one place. It’s a good idea to add more padding to boxes where you plan to keep your office necessities. Packing paper or bubble wrap will do the work. If you need extra protection from moisture, opt for waterproof bags with a ziplock.

a bunch of pens and markers
Keep your pens and markers in one place.

Rent storage only at the verified and trustworthy company

Whether you opt for a moving company or an independent storage provider, ensure they are legit in the first place. Choose exclusively among licensed and experienced movers or storage providers. Request to see the storage and get familiar with the conditions before you sign anything. If you decide the storage isn’t worth investing in, move on and continue browsing other companies. There are many quality yet affordable options on the market. Therefore it’s possible to find the storage type that matches your needs.

Safety comes first when moving your office

If you are moving your office and want to give your new workspace a fresh start, then you should consider an indoor self-storage unit. Opt for climate-controlled units where you can store a great number of items. Keep in mind that storing office supplies in New Orleans self-storage units is your best choice if you want to move your business long-distance. However, be careful not to settle for surprisingly cheap storage. It’s very likely you will get less than what was presented to you. Rather opt for storage units that have a maximum level of security (strong locks, CCTV…). Such storage units are worth the coin.


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