Storing shoes: how to do it right?

For all shoes lovers out there – we all have been in this situation one time or another. The moment arrives when there is simply no more room in your house for new shoes. No matter whether you are into heels or sneakers, there is always a new pair you must have. Of course, the number one priority when it comes to storing away some of your shoes is finding reliable storage service providers. With that out of the way, read on to find out more about storing shoes: how to do it right?

Organizing before storing shoes

When you decide to store shoes away for whatever reason, one thing is for sure – you need to organize them first. It’s hard to pick your favorites and which shoes you are going to store. But it must be done. Of course, it’s easier if you are strong them temporarily during your move, or just for the season. Don’t forget to check out the Louisiana self storage for finding the right unit.

A bunch of different converse sneakers in a laundry basket.
The first step when it comes to storing shoes is organizing.

Start by following these steps:

  1. Divide your shoes by season or how often do you wear them.
  2. Clean and dry the shoes thoroughly.
  3. Find appropriate supplies for packaging.
  4. Consider donating instead of storing shoes.

Decluttering your shoes

If you need to store shoes, chances are you have a lot of them. If your shoes piled up over the years, and you love each and every pare, organizing and decluttering is going to be hard. However, try and be as much practical as you can. And check out New Orleans self storage as they may be a perfect solution for you.

Pick your favorite shoes which will stay, your storing shoes, and maybe separate some pairs that you can donate or give away. Those can be shoes that your bought and are well preserved and little worn, or not worn at all. For instance, you bought a pair of sneakers that you liked, and when you tried them they fit perfectly. But after taking a long walk in them, you realize they are a size too small, or simply they are not comfortable for you. That pair of shoes would be perfect for donating or giving away, and they will mean a lot to someone else.

Storing shoes and organizing them can be a difficult task. But when you prepare properly, it should be easy and effortless.

Preparation and packing before storing shoes

You can take a couple of days to rethink your choices, but do not waste too much time. Especially if you are indecisive and have a difficult time downsizing the amount. Now that the hardest part is over, you can start preparing your shoes for storage.

White Nikes in a box.
Storing away shoes in their original boxes is the best way to pack them.

Firstly, make sure you clean them well. Use appropriate products for each material, making sure you do not damage anything. Take out the soles and shoelaces and clean them separately. Make sure all your shoes are completely dry. If you don’t have the time to clean them properly, just wipe down as much dirt as you can with a dry cloth.

Next, you want to protect them from the environment. Spray protective products where necessary and allowed. Remember to put small moist absorbing bags inside each shoe to keep them dry. You can also put shoe refreshers inside to keep them fresh. When looking for, let’s say self storage Baton Rouge, make sure you check if the units are temperature controlled. If the unit is to how and dry, you may risk big environmental damage to your shoes.

As for the packing before storing shoes, the perfect solution would be to pack each pair of shoes into their original boxes. For the ones that don’t have their belonging box, find a similar sized one. Line the inside with the protective, breathable paper, and wrap each shoe individually. Also, stuff some paper inside in order to ensure they keep their shape.

Storing your shoes correctly

After your shoes are protected and packed accordingly, the next important thing is to store the boxes the right way. You might be thinking that this is a pretty straightforward and easy task. Well, not so much. For instance, if you have shelves in your storage unit it will be much easier. Otherwise, you may want to think twice before just piling up the boxes in one corner.

A woman holding a pair of sneakers on top of a box representing storing shoes
It is important to place and pile your shoe boxes properly.

The key is to stock them correctly. For instance, do not put too many boxes on top of each other. Over the course of time, the bottom one can sink in, and your shoes can end up deformed. Also, the size and the weight of the boxes you pile on top of each other are very important. It would be logical to put bigger boxes on the bottom, and smaller ones on top, right? Well, when it comes to shoes and their packaging, not so much. The middle part of a big bog could easily curve under the weight of smaller boxes. Therefore it’s better to only pile up similar-sized boxes.

Also, if the place where you are storing shoes is humid, do not put your shoes in plastic boxes. Use more moisture absorbers, but do not use boxes that will prevent air circulation. Even on the cardboard boxes, you should punch several holes, if there are not any. Original boxes usually have those, and they are there for a reason. Just don’t make the holes too big, you don’t want any pests getting into that box!

Upkeep of your stored shoes

If you have prepared and packed your shoes properly before storing them, there is not much maintenance to be done. However, it can be a good idea to unpack them once in a while and let them breathe. You can change your moister absorbing bags and fresheners, as well as add more protective layers, to make sure you prevent any possible damage.

Even though you took every precaution to preserve the shoes when storing them, some shoes can become damaged over the course of time. Especially if they are kept stored for a long time, without being worn. So make sure you read this post on how to take care of your shoes properly, and ensure your favorite pairs longer lifetime.

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