Storing your childhood memories: how to do it right

Humans are emotional beings. And sometimes we don’t get attached only to other people. We can easily be attached to some items as well. For instance, many people would never get rid of childhood memories and belongings from that time. It can bring you back to the time you were just a little child, without any worries. Safely playing with your friends and nothing else. Having something to bring back all of these memories is very important. But at one point, it’s time to put them away. That is the reason why you should know everything about storing your childhood memories. You want to do it right because you want to keep all of the things you have safely locked and take them out whenever you feel the need for them. A professional moving company can help you out with a storage solution.

Cardboard box filled in with childhood memories.

For storing your childhood memories you first need a proper storage solution

No matter what you are storing, you first need to know where and how to do it properly. So, the first thing you should do is figure out what kind of storage unit you will need. There are various sizes and types of units. And it is more than obvious that you can’t store everything everywhere. You need to know a little bit about it first. Since there are plenty of storage containers New Orleans has, explore everything about them before you buy one. When it comes to sizes, we divide them like this:

  • The smallest one for books, bookcases and some furniture is 5×5
  • 5×7
  • 5×10
  • 10×15
  • 10×20
  • 10×30, which is the biggest one, and you can store the entire home and vehicle here.

Now, that you know all the sizes, you need to know another thing about storage units. You can also divide them by their types. There are various storage options, such as climate-controlled storage, indoor or outdoor one, on-site storage, and so on. Since childhood memories are usually pictures, some toys, figures, paintings, and clothes, the best option if you are only storing this, is the 5×5 storage, and probably the climate-controlled one. With a storage option like this, you can keep your items safe for a long time.

Firstly prepare your storage once you find it

When you are storing your childhood memories, you need to prepare your storage first. When you figure out what climate-controlled portable storage option you want, you should make some changes inside. You won’t come here every day, for sure. Only sometimes, to check on your memories and get a nice throwback to your happy place. So, for this reason, make sure that you have strong and proper lighting inside for when you visit. Another very important thing is that you add some storage shelves there. Since you will pack your memories in a bunch of boxes, you have to place them somewhere. And there is no need to put them on the floor, but on shelf racks instead.

Some people don’t prefer taking out or back at home these items. Because of this, they like to make their storage unit cosy, so they can spend some time over there with their memories. For instance, you can add a smaller sofa, some blanket and carpet. Just in case if you come down there, and decide to spend some time re-watching your old pictures, or reading some books. Adding some small decorations is not necessary, but if you prefer to do it, you can.

Storage unit with a lot of shelves.
Put as much racks as possible for more space and easier storing.

When you are storing your childhood memories, pack them appropriately so they can last

The third step is the most important one. When you find the storage you need, and you arrange it how you prefer, it is time to pack your memories. Make sure that everything is packed perfectly before you bring your items to the New Orleans portable storage that you choose. To do something liken this, you need to get proper equipment first. But this can depend on the memories you are storing. Not everyone has the same things from their childhood saved for many years. Some people keep pictures, some keep letters, different things they collected, or even books. Depending on this, you will pack everything.

Anyway, no matter what kind of memories you kept, there are some things you will need either way. You will for sure need boxes. Reusable plastic ones are better than cardboard ones. But you can use both of them. It is your personal choice. You will need some bubble wrap, old newspaper, styrofoam balls, and a marker. If you chose the cardboard boxes, you will need scissors and duct tape as well. Putting everything in one box needs to be arranged. On the bottom of the box, you put the heavy items, and as you layer up, you put the lighter ones. And the most important thing, don’t overfill your boxes. It can cause some unnecessary damage or breakage. Prevent that from happening. Fill them in for approximately 70%, and let the rest be 40% free. You can fill that empty air with some styrofoam balls for extra security.

Person packing something wrapped in a box.
Learn how to pack your memories to keep them safe.

You must pay attention to the easily breakable items

As it is written above, packing your childhood memories in addition to store them depends on the content of your items. Normally you can pack everything more or less the same way. But, if you have some easily breakable items that are very old and fragile, you need to be extra careful. Packing items such as these are a little bit different. But try not to worry much, because it is nothing complicated. And you can manage to do it.

It is important that you clean the desired item first and that you dry it well. After that, use the bubble wrap to wrap it for more security. Over that, you can add one more layer to the newspaper. Fill in the box with the styrofoam balls and only place a few things in that box. Make sure you label the box so you know that one is fragile. You should place it somewhere in the middle of your shelf.

If you have pictures, you will need a photo album

Not only fragile items are the ones you should pack differently. If you are a lucky one, and you have your childhood memories in a form of pictures, you need one thing for them. Buy a new photo album, so you can make sure your pictures are completely safe and in one place. This way you won’t destroy them, scrunch them, rip them off, or even lose them. If you prefer, you can even decorate your albums in the end. Just make sure you place them into a box as well.

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