The best way to store collectibles in West Monroe

If you are like most collectors, your collection is a part of you. That leads to the manifestation of years of hunting, haggling, and heartache. It may be worth thousands of dollars or mere pennies, but for you, it is priceless. If you store collectibles in West Monroe into storage, you want to ensure that all of your collectibles are safe, so they stay in primary condition. People choose to collect items for various reasons. From the thrill of finding collectibles to making a profit buying and selling them. But regardless of the reason for starting a collection of some sort, everyone has one goal in mind, and that is to keep the collectibles in the best condition possible while they are in your possession. 

To store collectibles in West Monroe reduce clutter to free up space 

Many property owners store their collectibles alongside their other possessions. While this can work for a while, consolidated storage may eventually lead to space concerns as collections grow. Furthermore, make sure you get in touch with storage units West Monroe LA. Space constraints can mean an increased chance of clutter, which can make accessing collectibles a nightmare. To reduce clutter and store your collection, start by clearing out possessions you do not need.

One of the store collectibles in West Monroe
To store collectibles in West Monroe first declutter as you will have much more a free space

If you are a passionate collector, you are likely not going to get rid of your collectibles. Instead, take stock of your other items and see what can be thrown away or sold. Selling items might earn you some extra money, which you can save or drawback into purchases for your collection. If you cannot sell, do not be afraid to donate. Most cities have several charities and donation centers that would be more than happy to take your stuff. 

When you need to store collectibles in West Monroe use proper packing supplies 

As you prepare your collectibles for display or storage, it is essential to pack them properly and choose the best containers to ensure durability. Each collectible has lightly various needs when it comes to packing and storage. There are a few staples that every collector should invest in. Moreover, you can also get the service of on site storage containers. Here are some of the must-have packing supplies and storage container options:

  • Moving boxes are the most cost-effective way of moving items into storage. For many collectibles, moving boxes are also excellent long-term storage holders. We recommend investing in one or two box sizes for easy stacking and optimal space efficiency.
  • As you begin to place collectibles into boxes and bins, keep them supported and cushioned with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can be wrapped directly around individual items to provide form-fitting cushions. They are good for moving and long term storage.
  • For heavier items like antique furniture, musical instruments, and vehicles, sheets and blankets make covers against dust, sun exposure, and scratches. Of course, you can also invest in an official vehicle or furniture covers for moving and storage. To pack boxes extra tight use old t-shirts to fill in the empty spaces.
  • Packing supplies you will need are tape, markers, and tie-downs. There are additional products that can be beneficial for collectors who want to pack and store their collections. Moreover, the tape is essential for attaching bubble wrap and ensuring that boxes are closed. Markers make for fast and easy labeling solutions. 

    Some of the unique antiques on the shelf
    Try to use proper packing supplies when packing your collectibles, and you will have no worries of damage

The best way for storing your collectibles 

Firstly, make sure you store at a consistent temperature. Extreme temperatures or wild temperature changes can do damage to your collectibles even if they are safely stored. The appropriate temperature for your collectibles is the one that is appropriate for you. That usually means no basements and no attics since their temperatures deviate frequently and can hit extremes. Furthermore, store at a consistent relative humidity. Just like extreme temperatures and changes in the humidity can cause damage to your collectibles. 

Without any instruments to measure relative humidity, it is safest to avoid attics and basements. And if you are choosing a storage facility, make sure they have temperature and humidity control. Make sure you store the items you do not want to see frequently or display. If you are not displaying your collectibles, put them away and label the boxes. That will prevent digging around when you decide to take items out, exposing collectibles to the elements when you do not need them. Furthermore, remember to call New Orleans moving and storage and let them help you with your belongings.

Good old cameras collection
Always find the best way to store your collectibles without any chances of damaging them

Specific items hack for collectible storage

With general collectible storage tips covered, it is time to turn to the collectibles themselves. For each type of collectible, there is a set of best practices for storage that all collectors should follow to ensure that their prized possessions stay in good shape. For instance, collectibles are antiques, and they are old and rare furniture, houseware. Or works of art that hold value due to their age and uniqueness. The term “antique” includes a wide range of items. There are several essential rules that every collector can lead to store antiques of all shapes and sizes.

For antique wood, the ideal humidity level is somewhere between 35 and 65 percent. This humidity level works well for all non-wood antiques, too. Room temperature, somewhere between 68 and 75 degrees, is also ideal for antiques. It is also a good idea to keep your antique items slightly elevated using a pallet or cinder blocks to avoid exposure to accidental groundwater. Moreover, when storing wooden furniture, do not cover them in bubble wrap or plastic film. Wood needs to breathe, and these materials will suffocate it. Instead, use some breathable fabrics like sheets or blankets. Nevertheless, do not forget to find everything about the best moving containers and storage companies. And in that way, store collectibles in West Monroe most securely and safely.

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