The ultimate list of moving supplies for a Houma move

Are preparing for your upcoming relocation? If so, you are definitely going to need a few tips and tricks on how to organize it properly. We are here to help you out. The relocation process, especially the packing, can be particularly challenging. We are going to go over the ultimate list of moving supplies to get for your move. Furthermore, in this article, we are going to show you how to pack properly and which supplies to use. In addition to this, we will also mention why it is important to have pro movers such as Zippy Shell Louisiana when relocating.

The ultimate list of moving supplies to get for your move

The boxes

Cardboard boxes are vital to any relocation process. This is because they will contain and hold the majority of your household items. However, simply using any box for your relocation is not the right way to pack your items. The cardboard boxes that you need to get for your move should be of high quality and sturdy. Of course, no matter how sturdy boxes are, they still have their weight limit. So, before packing, make sure you divide your items evenly and try not to over clutter one box with loads of items. 

Boxes as part of the ultimate list of moving supplies.
Get quality moving boxes in different sizes that are sturdy.

Various labeling materials

One of the things that you will quickly realize when you begin packing is that it is quite a chaotic process. Packing requires a lot of patience but also good organization. It is, therefore, important to know exactly where each of your items is packed. So, make sure you acquire the different labeling materials for your boxes. After you pack each cardboard box, label it properly for its contents. This will make it easier to see which box contains what. Furthermore, it will give your Louisiana movers a good overview of which boxes need to be handled with extra care.

Packing tape and scissors

If you plan on moving, you will need lots of packing tape. Why exactly is it so important if each box can be closed without it? Well, packing tape is there to make sure everything stays closed during the transportation process. Therefore, wrap each packed box with several layers of packing tape. However, do not get any type you find. You have to ensure that it is quality packing tape that will do its job. Buy an extra roll or two just in case you need more packing tape.

Dollies and furniture pads

Do you plan on packing and moving heavier items such as large pieces of furniture or lots of cardboard boxes at once? If so, you might be in need of dollies and furniture pads. Dollies and furniture pads are particularly useful when packing lots of items or items that are heavy. There are different types of dollies that you can get depending on your inventory. For example, you can get:

  • Appliance dollies,
  • Furniture dollies,
  • Utility dollies.

Likewise, furniture pads are there to make the journey of your items to your new home a bit safer. Whether you plan on transporting items for your move, to your storage, or to a local garage sale to sell some of the decluttered inventory, make sure you get these additional moving tools that will help you safely move your items.

A moving dollies.
Get the right moving equipment if you plan on moving a large number of cardboard boxes or heavy items.

Bubble wrap and packing foam

Simply putting items inside cardboard boxes is far from enough. When relocating, you will want to make sure your inventory gets maximum protection. So, how exactly can you manage to keep your items from moving while they are packed? The best way is to get bubble wrap and packing foam. These two protective materials can act as a perfect shield for your packed items. This is especially the case for items that are sensitive and easily breakable such as glassware for example. Moreover, if you do not have bubble wrap and packing foam and you cannot get them, you can use alternative protective materials such as old newspapers. If you are finding the packing process a bit overwhelming and chaotic, try to do some decluttering before a summer move to make it easier and more organized.

Getting in touch with the right movers for your upcoming relocation is crucial

As you can see, the process of moving is far from easy. These are only the most essential packing supplies that you need to get. There are lots of other moving-related tasks that you will have to complete during your move. All of those tasks, especially the packing process, can make this period very stressful and exhausting. To make things easier and more efficient, it is best to hire professional movers to assist you. They can provide you with lots of different moving services. For example, professional and reliable movers can help you with packing services, packing supplies, as well as transportation. Additionally, reliable movers will be able to easily find you storage units Houma LA for your relocation if you need some additional space for your items.

A mover going over a checklist.
Hire professionals to assist you with your upcoming Houma, LA move.


In summary, the ultimate list of moving supplies consists of the most essential packing supplies and tools that you will need, regardless of the type of your relocation. Always get quality moving boxes, labeling materials, protective materials, and additional moving tools if you have specific items in your inventory that need careful handling. Finally, to execute your move to Houma, LA as efficiently and smoothly as possible, make sure you contact and hire reliable moving companies to help you relocate.

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