Tips for organizing your storage unit

Imagine you just have moved to your new home and have items that you cannot fit anywhere. You opt to rent Louisiana self storage to organize your belongings that you could not fit in your home. If you have never used a storage unit, do not worry. We have some tricks and tips for organizing your storage unit so you can always have at hand the items you need the most. You should make a plan regarding the organization of your storage unit. Try to maximize your space usage with using the vertical space as well. So you can have a better overview of your stored belongings and always have access to certain items whenever you need them. Just read carefully, take a piece of paper and write down all the tips that will help you organize your storage unit like a pro.

The best tips for organizing your storage unit

In case you have a lot of items that are left behind, it is going to be very tough to keep track of them. That is why our first tip is to sort all the items out and make an inventory list. So you can later use self storage Lafayette to store your wanted belongings. Of course, the larger items are easier to remember, but in case you have smaller items, an inventory list to keep track is really a must.  It is also not a bad idea to take photos of all the items that are going to go in the storage unit. That way,  you always know what kind of things you have stored.

Woman writing in her notebook.
Make an inventory list of your belongings.

Organizing your storage unit

  • Among the tips for organizing your storage unit, consider using clear bins instead of cardboard boxes –  Just to be clear, cardboard boxes are also good for your storage unit. But, using clear bins will make your life a bit easier because you can see the content right away. That is much more convenient because each cardboard box you have to open in order to see its content.
  • Furniture should be disassembled –  This will help you maximize your space. Take apart all the headboards, bed frames, table legs. Pack them separately and put them in the back of your storage unit. It will open more space that you can use for other items.
  • Label all boxes – This is one of the most important things and it should be a priority. No matter if you use cardboard boxes or clear bins, they should be labeled. The label should be on the front side of the box, so you can spot it right away as you enter.

Other tips that will help you organize your storage unit

We also have more tips for you that will help you with your storage unit. These will also work when using storage containers Louisiana or other types of portable storage. Regardless of the type or size of storage space you are using, you should always keep it organized so that you can maximize the use of space as well as keep things accessible.

Packed boxes.
Use every inch of your unit by going vertical.

If the storage unit has a lot of height, you should use that to your advantage. Boxes should be stacked high. Or you can use shelves that you can place high above the items that are on the ground. In self storage Metairie with high ceilings you can also hang things up on walls. You can store more items that way and have much better overview of your belongings.

Another tip that you can use is to put the most needed items in the front. That way, you will have easy access to those items whenever you need them. The ones you rarely use should be putted in the back. Depending on your needs for certain things and of course the season.

If you rent a larger storage unit, you should consider making a center aisle. This is pretty convenient as it will give you quick access to items that are at the back. You also want to have easy access to those items so you won’t have to fight your way to the back of the storage unit. Do also research regarding your storage unit, for instance which items it can store and which not.

Always make a detailed plan and try to use each inch of the unit you are renting. Of course, everything will depend on the quantity and size of the items that you are going to put in that storage.

How to pack items for storage

Depending on the category of your belongings, there are some different ways to pack your stuff for storage. We will show you some packing tips for different types of items that you can use. You can also hire professional packing services that will do the job for you. If you have the budget, that, we suggest that you look for professionals. Otherwise, we are going to show you how to do it on your own.

Woman packing clothes.
Pack your clothes into sealed plastic containers or boxes

Packing for storage by yourself

The first group we are going to discuss are the most common ones that usually cannot fit into your home, and those are clothes. The best way to pack them for your storage is to roll the clothes and place them into sealed plastic containers or boxes. Add some moistureabsorbers to prevent mold reaching into the fabrics. In case you have suits or classy dresses, use garment bags. That way your clothes will be protected and you can use them for a fancy night out.

In case you have a lot of electronic devices such as laptops, game consoles or phones, you want to make a backup file. Remove all the cables from the devices and put them in wearproof bags. Cover your devices with a sheet so that dust cannot reach them. Those are the tips for organizing your storage unit that will make your job easier. You want to make sure to follow them, so your storage will be clutter-free, and your items will be easily accessible.

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