Tips for safely storing old electronics

We all like to keep some items, although we don’t use them anymore. The same goes for old electronics. Today, every month you can see some new electronic devices. And although you do not plan to use them, it is natural that you are thinking about a way of safely storing old electronics. If you store them properly, you will be able to keep them as long as you need. Just make sure that you rent your storage unit from professionals like Zippy Shell Louisiana. A good storage unit will help you to store old electronics.

When it comes to safely storing old electronics – start with their batteries

Almost every electronic device needs batteries. No matter if it is a cell phone, cd player, laptop, or some game consoles. Most of them use batteries, and if you want to safely store your items in self storage Lafayette you need to take them out. Most of the devices use alkaline batteries that can leak over time. This will cause corrosion and a lot of damage inside the electronic device. This goes for laptops and cell phones as well. You should take out their batteries and keep them separately in a plastic bag. Try to keep them together so they don’t get lost. It is important to take out batteries if you want to safely store old electronics.

batteries stacked because you are safely storing old electronics
Make sure to take out all the batteries

Choose storage unit carefully

Today you can find a lot of different storage units. Some of them are Louisiana self storage while others are storage units in different locations. Some of them are climate-controlled, while some aren’t. Depending on the number of things you plan to store, you should choose the type of storage unit. Also, depending on that, you should choose the size of the storage unit. You shouldn’t get a unit that is either too big or too small. 

Don’t overpack your storage if you plan to safely storing old electronics

If you choose your storage unit carefully, you should have plenty of space to pack everything into your storage unit. Choosing the right size storage unit can also save you money on storage. You will be paying only what you will be using. But do not overpack your storage. Even though most electronic devices are made of plastic, and they are durable – they can get damaged over time. If you overstuff your storage bin and they weigh too much – you are risking damage to your old electronics. Take your time when you are packing old electronics.

controllers and keyboard on table
Do not over stack old electronics

Pack old electronics carefully

One of the most important steps when it comes to safely storing old electronics is packing them. You need to use enough protecting materials, and carefully place them in boxes or bins. Keep in mind that you can always use some old clothes or towels, but ideally, you should use plastic wrap and packing peanuts. Although it might seem like an additional cost, it will help you to keep your electronics usable for a long time, and also these packing materials can help with packing unusual items that don’t fit into every moving box. You can always reuse these packing materials for your relocation.

If you want to safely store old electronic devices avoid direct sunlight

You probably know that UV light can cause damage to the plastic. It can cause discoloration ad breakdown, and if you are trying to keep old electronics safe – avoid putting them into direct sunlight. Pack your electronic device with care but also make sure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. By doing this, you will keep them safe for a longer period of time, and you might be even able to use them later.

A climate-controlled unit should be an option

If you want to safely store old electronic devices, you need to consider climate-controlled storage. This is an important thing, because electronics, especially old ones don’t like humidity nor temperature changes. This can cause damage and you might have to throw away your favorite old electronic devices. If you do not want to get storage that has climate-control, make sure to put your old electronics in a cool and dry space. Ideally, choose a storage unit that is inside, so you can at least avoid temperature changes. This will reduce the chances for corrosion and mold, which are common when items are not properly stored and protected.

Clean your old electronics before safely storing them

This should be applied before you store anything, but it is especially important when it comes to storing old electronics. Take your time to carefully inspect them and clean them. You can use a can of air to blow dust, especially when it comes to old laptops or computers. It is important that you store them dust-free. Even when it comes to Elmwood self storage, you need carefully clean every little piece of your old electronic devices. 

cleaning cloths in different colors
Make sure to clean your electronic devices before storing them

Once you are done cleaning, you can start wrapping them, packing them, and putting them in their boxes or bins. Of course, pay attention to how you are packing them and make sure that bins or boxes are not overstuffed.

Check your storage from time to time

Although not a lot of people do this, you should check your storage from time to time. You can use this opportunity to clean it, check if everything is okay, and are there any items that require your attention. It is easy to safely store old electronics, but you should check them later, so you can be sure that everything is okay. If you see that there is some damage, take that item out of the box, inspect it, and if you can’t fix it – either throw it away or store it ina separate box. That way, you will prevent the damage from expanding, and you will be able to keep your old electronics safely stored for a long period of time.

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