Tips for storing glass and fine china

Oftentimes, moving house requires you to rent a storage unit for the safeguarding of your belongings. Or sometimes you might not even be moving, maybe you’re just outgrowing your home. Anyhow, getting a storage unit is a decision you won’t come to regret. However, if you’re storing some special or fragile items, you’ll need to be careful. After all, your goal is for your things to remain intact while they’re in storage. Well, if you’re storing glass and fine china, you’ll have to pay attention while packing and preparing them. But not to worry, we want to help. We’ll tell you what you’re supposed to do after you rent a storage unit in Louisiana for keeping your glass and china. Read along and you’ll learn how to properly store these items and minimize the chances of damages.

Careful when packing!

Now, we know that packing is usually a nuisance and something you’re not really looking forward to. So, you’d love to be able to just throw everything into boxes and call it a day. But certain items require a little more care and attention than that. Well, glass and fine china are great examples of those items. Because they are so fragile and easily-breakable, you need to do your best to protect them while packing. This includes wrapping and a few other techniques. So, without further ado, let’s see how you’re supposed to pack your glass and fine china for storage.

Don’t underestimate the power of wrapping

Even though you’re putting glass and fine china in storage where they’ll stay for a while, you’ll still need to transport them to the storage facility. And that brings potential risks of breakages and cracks. That’s why wrapping your dishes is going to be a life-saver. So, don’t skip out on this step. You can use different things to ensure the safety of your glass and china.

Woman using bubble pack to protect dishes
Wrapping is an essential step when you’re packing dishware for storage.
  • Bubble pack. This is the number one association with wrapping and packing, isn’t it?
  • Packing paper. If you’re avoiding plastic or paper is just easier to get hold of, don’t worry – it will get the job done. Wrap each individual dish with packing paper before putting them into the box.
  • Clothes or sheets. If you have any kind of cloth that you don’t need, you can put them to use when storing glass and fine china. Use them to wrap your dishes and they’ll be nice and protected in the on-site storage unit.

Get cardboard dividers or special dish boxes

Once you’ve wrapped all of your cups, glasses and plates, it’s time to put them in the boxes. Well, when it comes to packing things like cups and glasses, there’s something you might want to consider. Namely, you can use cardboard dividers for the boxes or simply buy the special dish boxes.

A couple wrapping dishes when storing glass and fine china
It would be great to get some carton dividers or even boxes specially made for packing dishes.

This will provide some extra structure and separation and keep your dishes extra safe. You’ll be protecting your fancy wine glasses from losing their stems and your cups from getting left without a handle. So, if you’re planning to store glassware and chinaware, it’s worth checking out this option. There are different sizes out there so you can find the one that works for your glasses.

Line the boxes

Yes, we’re still on the topic of protection and proper packing. Another thing you can do to make sure your chinaware will remain protected inside the boxes is to provide padding. You can do this by lining the bottom of the boxes with crumpled paper or packing peanuts. We don’t recommend using newspapers as the ink can transfer onto your dishes. It’s also smart to not only line the boxes but also add some material between the dishes and provide cushioning. This way, your plates, and glasses won’t bump into each other and break. Take this simple step and your stored glass and fine china will remain intact.

Label the boxes when storing fine china and glass

Now that all your dishes are wrapped and lying safely in their boxes, the majority of your job is done. But there’s a quick task left to do – labeling moving boxes. All you need to do is take a permanent marker and write what each of the boxes contains. This is a good step to take when storing glass and fine china as it will help you locate what you’re looking for later. Also, it might help you to figure out where to put each box depending on how accessible you need them to be.

Don’t stack the boxes on top of each other

Once the boxes are all ready to go, you need to load the truck and later put the boxes inside your long-term storage unit LA. Well, when you’re transporting fragile items, you want to be careful with how you place the boxes in the truck. What we advise is to avoid stacking the boxes on top of each other.

Packed carton boxes
If you want your dishware to stay in tact, it is best not to put the boxes on top of each other, just in case.

The pressure and the weight might cause the boxes to tear and break, leading to your dishes also breaking. So, it’s best to avoid that risk altogether and just place the boxes next to each other. This doesn’t only go for the moving truck, it also goes for the layout in your storage unit. This is something to keep in mind before you store fine china and glass.

It’s best to get a climate-controlled storage

And of course, as always, putting things in storage requires finding the best storage solution. There are a lot of moving and storage companies in Louisiana that offer storage services and you need to pick the right one. In order to do so, you have to know what you’re looking for. Of course, your storage needs depend on what you’re storing. In the case of storing glass and fine china, we would recommend opting for climate-controlled storage units. Extreme temperatures and humidity can be harmful to glassware and chinaware. That’s why it’s best to go for a storage unit where the temperature is kept at bay. If you choose well, you won’t regret renting storage and your belongings will remain safe.

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