Tips on decluttering after moving to Baton Rouge

Moving costs can be reduced by decluttering and downsizing prior to the relocation. However, there are some benefits to decluttering following a relocation. So, if you moved in a hurry and you didn’t have much time to declutter before your move to Baton Rouge, this article is for you. We at Louisiana Moving are coming through with some of our best decluttering tips and tricks. With these few tips for decluttering after moving to Baton Rouge, all of that moving chaos will be gone in just a couple of hours.

a bookshelf
Decluttering isn’t as easy as it sounds. But if you want to take on a minimalistic approach, follow our advice.

Tips on decluttering after moving to Baton Rouge

In some cases, you may not have enough time to clear out your belongings before moving. Or in another case, you just have a collection of rare or one-of-a-kind goods (such as artwork or antiques). Decluttering after moving into a new house is a good idea because it’s easier to tell what to keep and what to discard. Decluttering after moving in with a significant other, such as a partner or roommate, may be preferable. For example, if you and your partner both have a dish rack when you arrive at your new house, you can keep the one you like most and donate the one you don’t.

1. Evaluation

Having to lift and move heavy items can help us appreciate the things we still have. We’re forced to reevaluate what we’ve taken for granted when we move. These situations provide us the opportunity to reevaluate our own decisions and ownership. The fact that you’ve put it in a box indicates that you intend to keep it with you. Ask yourself, “Why do I own this??” What is the benefit of possessing this item? “Do I have the strength and stamina to leave it behind?” If the answer to that last one is no for a lot of stuff that you brought, then leaving it in one of the storage units Baton Rouge would be a good idea.

2. Scan for dust

Rub your finger down the inside of your old Tupperware, unused glasses, or that extra blender you didn’t realize you were missing. Is there any dust on it? This basic approach can be used to determine whether something is useful or not. Purchasing something, making space for it, and then allowing it to collect dust should give you a good indication of whether or not you require it. When you’re trying to reduce your possessions and lower your load for the future, dust is your best friend.

decluttering after moving to Baton Rogue and disposing old plates
When you’re decluttering after moving to Baton Rouge and you find that old set of place, think twice before putting it on your shelf.

3. Confront your hoarding urge

Living in a space for a long period of time allows you to accumulate and contribute to your collection. Moving allows us to confront these cravings and escape the temptation to accumulate things. Everything must be taken into consideration at some point. While moving may seem like a hoarder’s worst nightmare, it challenges you to reevaluate what you chose to acquire in the first place (today and in the future). You might want to declutter your garage as well, so be prepared for some extra work there.

4.  Practice letting things go

It is critical to recognize that there will never be a complete cessation of consumption. We have strong desires. Marketers will continue to make attempts to sell you more products as well. Getting rid of things and consuming less, on the other hand, can provide a great deal of freedom. The process of subtraction, on the other hand, does not tend to be a natural part of it when one is planted and stays in one area for an extended amount of time. Getting ready to move presents a natural opportunity to practice letting go.

5. Sort your belongings by category rather than by room.

You must declutter by category in order for this to be a successful decluttering endeavor. This implies that before you begin the decluttering process, you should gather every book you own from every area of your home. You can find them in your attic, basement, closet, office, and bedroom. Decide which books to keep by laying them out on a flat surface. If you need some stuff put in storage, Louisianna Moving and Storage is here for you.

6. Organize your belongings into five piles: keep, pack, keep-display, sell, donate, and trash

Make five heaps for each category you’re clearing out. Toss and donation heaps should be contained in waste bags. Take the trash out immediately following your decluttering session. For tax purposes, you should keep a detailed record of every donation you make. As soon as you decide to put something up for sale, snap a picture of it. You may either put it on the internet or schedule a garage sale for when it’s convenient for you. Pack as much as you can of the stuff you intend to keep. Your house may need to be staged or you may require certain clothes for the next several months, so save the rest of the “keep” stuff.

7. Donate and sell

Non-profit organizations such as Goodwill and others have been a part of many moves. Additionally, selling your unwanted items at secondhand stores allows you to earn a little extra money from the items you no longer need. These possibilities help to keep us grounded and allow us to be more charitable in our considerations and decisions. When we give, we are considering the needs of others, which offers its own set of advantages.

a yard sale
Organizing a yard sale and inviting your new neighbors would be a good idea.

8. Go out and enjoy your first days in Baton Rouge

Even while Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s capital city, continues to grow, it retains its distinct New Orleans flair while not becoming a tourist destination itself. This suburban metropolis moves at a leisurely pace, therefore it is perfect for family life. But it’s also a thriving cultural center that’s warm all year round. We are sure you will love your time here. If you haven’t yet moved to your new residence in Baton Rouge, residential movers New Orleans will gladly help you make the transition.

These are just a few of our tips on decluttering after moving to Baton Rouge, but perhaps they’ll help you get started. To make the most of this procedure, you must be very honest with yourself about what you actually need and refrain from letting emotions take over.

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