Tools that make moving in Shreveport easier

When you are moving by yourself, you need to pay attention to a lot of things. Make sure you’ve finalized your paperwork and that you have a truck lined up. Even if you moved multiple times, there’s always something you were missing. There are certain tools that make moving in Shreveport easier. They will be incredibly useful throughout your lifetime. If you are thinking of hiring a professional moving company, Zippy Shell Louisiana has everything you need!

A complete guide for tools that make moving in Shreveport easier

It’s impressive how many tools are available in this day and age. For easier understanding, let’s separate the tools into three categories:

  • tools for lifting heavy objects
  • tools for packing up bags and boxes
  • other tools

Once we’ve gone through these two main categories, we’ll mention another important aspect of moving which is storage. Our company will be more than happy to assist you with some high-quality Louisiana storage.

Tools for lifting heavy objects

During the moving phase, you can’t avoid lifting voluminous items. Let’s be honest, no matter how strong you are, lifting heavy objects is no easy task. We guarantee you’ll find some of these useful for your current situation.

Forearm Forklift

Let’s start with definitely one of the coolest and most useful tools. This neat little thing will make tough work feel like nothing. By using physics to its advantage, it alleviates up to 70% of the weight. Equipped with a pair of straps, it allows you and your helper to lift nearly 800 pounds. Make sure to buy straps from a licensed company to ensure the highest quality.

Floor Sliders

Another option for when you need to move pieces of furniture around is floor sliders. They are basically little circular disks that you can put under each foot of the furniture and slide it. This will save your arms, legs, and back from pain.

Dolly Carts are gonna make moving in Shreveport so much easier

Man holding a Dolly Cart, one of the best tools that make moving in Shreverport easier
Make your life easier by using dolly carts

If you need to move many boxes all at once, dolly carts are a fantastic solution. No matter how heavy the boxes are, you’ll move them with ease. You just simply stack boxes on top of each other, while putting the heavier ones at the bottom. Then just simply tilt the cart back and push it. Load the boxes in a truck or into the new home and you are good to go. This will save your legs and back from injury. Dolly carts come in all sorts of materials, so make sure to pick the one that suits you.

Ramps and Truck Loading Ramps

If you have mobile haulers like the ones mentioned above, you will also need something to help you get the outside and into a truck. That’s where ramps come into play. They will allow you to push carts through doorways without any potential hazards like turning them over.

Tools for packing up bags and boxes

When it comes time for packing up your boxes and bags, it’s essential to do that in a proper way. To avoid problems during transit, everything must be secured tightly. The list of compatible tools and supplies for that purpose is pretty long. If you looking for packing supplies, packing supplies New Orleans has everything you need.  Let’s talk about some of the most important ones.


Man holding a duct tape
Make sure to seal boxes tightly with tape

Tapes are one of the easiest things to use for securing your boxes. There are a few you can choose from and each of them has its own benefits. Well-known and first we gonna mention is packing tape. This is an extremely durable and sticky tape trusted by many. Pros are easy to use and quick packing. Because of that is highly recommended. Low tack tape aka scotch tape is not as effective as the packing tape in keeping boxes fully closed. However, it’s useful for smaller boxes and for creating a surface to mark on. And the last but not least is duct tape. We can describe it as a jack of all trades. However, you’re gonna have to be careful when using it. It’s extremely hard to remove and tends to leave marks afterward.

Bungee Cords and Cargo Straps

There are no better tools to use than these two when you need to secure items in a car, van, or truck. Bungee cords come in multiple sizes and it’s easy to find one for your vehicle. They provide a fast solution to securing the boxes in a truck. By hooking two or more of them together, you’ll get even more length. Cargo Straps however have much higher versatility due to their customizable length. They are slightly more on the expensive side, but you can get a job done with just a few of them. Whichever you chose, both are fantastic options for securing the boxes and packing them in a truck.

Other tools that make moving in Shreveport easier

Let’s say you have large pieces of furniture that you need to dismantle. Being able to do that requires specific tools. Some of them you probably already have, so let’s take a look at what some of them are.

Hand Tools

Every household should have one tool kit available. If you don’t, you can easily get them for between $30 and $80. It’s worth every penny because those tools are gonna be enough for everything that you need to do. Tool kits usually contain a hammer, tape measure, set of screwdrivers, a wrench, and other tools that you need to disassemble furniture.


Container for storage
Storage is an essential part of moving

You might realize that once you’ve moved to your new home, you don’t have enough room for all your belongings. This is a common problem and it’s easily solved. However, if you need to store specific items that require certain conditions, climate-controlled storage Shreveport is a perfect solution for that.

Final thoughts

Now that you know most of the tools that make moving in Shreveport easier, you can continue packing with ease. Make sure to use the tools for heavy objects we mentioned above. Utilize the correct tools for packing by following the steps we explained. And the last but not least, hire a reliable company to help you with storage.

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