Top 5 Companies that Help You Move to New Orleans

Moving can add a lot of pressure to anyone’s life. You’re in a time of intense transition, whether you got a new job and need to get settled in, or you have a major life change and need all the help you can get. Moving to a busy city like New Orleans can be tricky, but luckily there are people and companies that can help you during your move to New Orleans. 

5 Companies that Can Help You During Your Move to New Orleans

Eclectic Home

A mother-daughter duo, Penny Francis and Casi St. Julian, help to bring your vision of your home to life. Their 7,000 sq. ft. showroom allows you to have a unique shopping experience. Eclectic Home provides showroom staging for home and commercial purposes. Their work has been featured in both local and national publications. Eclectic Home is sure to bring the home of your dreams to life through their design and unique work. Eclectic Home can help you move to New Orleans in style by sharing their love of interior design with you.


Gardner Realtors

Voted the best realtor in Metro New Orleans for the second year in a row, Gardener operates on the values of love, commitment, and innovation. After over 75 years of business, Gardener is committed is helping you create a life you’ll love here when you move to New Orleans. With continued training, the realtors at Gardener will be able to either help you find the home of your dreams or help you sell someone else theirs. Gertrude Gardener, a woman true to her word about commitment, started her real estate agency in a residential area to get a better understanding of her clients.


Ponseti Landscaping

Owner Matthew Ponseti has worked in the landscaping industry for over 25 years. Whatever your yard needs may be, Ponseti Landscaping can help you create a home/yard relationship that works together beautifully. Ponseti Landscaping offers other outdoor services, such as pool landscaping, lawn and garden care and lawn/garden drainage. Ponseti also helps to make sure your garden is properly watered. A specialized irrigation system is put into place to make sure your garden thrives long after the landscapers have left.


Housecall Home Inspection

Pest control is a very important part of maintaining your current home or making sure that your new home doesn’t fall victim to an insect infestation. Housecall Home Inspection specializes in assisting clients with buying, selling and maintaining their homes. They offer home inspection, termite certificates, termite treatments, and soil treatments among other things. Housecall uses state-of-the-art technology and prides themselves on making customer satisfaction their top priority.


Post Office

The post office is one of the most overlooked yet important places to keep in mind during a move. Changing your address is important in making sure that all your important mail, like bills, make it to your new location. Talking to your local postal services can also help you if you need to do things like hold your mail or set up a P.O. box. 

Making Your Move to New Orleans as Smooth as Possible

Navigating an unfamiliar landscape can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting advice or services from these businesses can make your move to New Orleans a breeze. Interior decorators can help bring the flair you’ve been missing to your home. If you don’t know which color palette to choose or you’re not the best at figuring out which patterns work cohesively with others, an interior decorator may be right for you. 

Real estate agencies, especially ones that are born and bred in the area, can answer any questions that you have about homes, whether you’re buying or selling. Knowing as much as possible about the home that you’re about to move into is your best bet for making sure that it will be your forever home. 

Landscaping businesses aren’t just to make your yard pretty. They can add drainage and irrigation to your yard to help with things like watering your plants and helping with flooding. And a pest control expert can ensure that your home stays clean, safe, and free of harmful critters. 

If you’re looking to save time and money when moving to New Orleans, Zippy Shell Louisiana is always here for you. We go above and beyond moving and storage. We have connections to people and businesses throughout the city and we put customer satisfaction first.

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Locals businesses love helping you move to New Orleans because we love to share our proud, thriving community with others. Zippy Shell Louisiana is more than a storage company. As a locally owned member of the corporate community, we believe in sharing our advice and expertise with all those in need. Contact Zippy Shell Louisiana today for more information.




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