Top self storage tips for summer

Even though this summer has not been the hottest one, we still have time to feel the heat. In that case, for all of you who don’t know what to do with your belongings, or for those who are looking for a place to store their stuff that is creating clutter, this guide will be helpful. Here you will find some of the best self storage tips for summer. And we are starting with the first one immediately. Hire and rent Louisiana moving and storage and put your belongings in the safest place on earth.

Make sure to learn a few self storage tips for summer before storing your items

Everyone who has experienced the benefits of a rented storage unit will tell you the same. There is only good coming out of this. You will be leaving your items in a place that is not so expensive but yet, with guaranteed safety. You will be able to determine what kind of Louisiana self storage and what kind of security you want to have. The same and the most important tips you will get from people:

  1. Take climate-controlled storage
  2. Use plastic bins and boxes
  3. Make sure everything is dry
  4. Label all of your bins and boxes
plastic box with paper and plastic
Wisely choosing the best packing supplies is one of the best self storage tips for summer

Climate-controlled storage unit

This is the number one thing to look for when renting storage during summer. There is heat, humidity, and moisture that will ruin all of your belongings. But if you get a storage unit that is climate controlled, you do not have to worry about this. These storage units will maintain the temperature and humidity level. It will also be a sign that there should be no pests, dirt, or debris. If you still have not found the perfect storage, check out self storage Shreveport has. These storage units are all climate controlled.

Think about packing materials

Even though it is easier to pack items in boxes you already have or the ones you can get from your groceries stores, leaving items in these boxes in self storage is a mistake. You are in a chance to get some pests or running and damage your clothes. Or any other sensitive item. That is why, before you rent the best self storage Lafayette is offering, make sure you have gathered the proper packing materials. And those are plastic bins and boxes. Plastic is firm. Meaning there is no possibility of paste damaging them. Plus, imagine the possibility of floods. All the items in carton boxes will get wet and destroyed. This will not be possible in plastic containers, boxes, and bins.

It is not cheaper to DIY packing materials

If you think that you will save a lot of money by making your own packing materials, you are wrong. The damage that might occur might be more expensive than getting the proper packing supplies. Think about this before placing the items in boxes.

Making sure that all the clothes are dry is one of the self storage tips for summer

If you have washed the clothes and you want to place them in storage during summer, make sure they are not wet. If you pack wet or nearly wet items in the boxes, you are causing big damage to your items. The first thing that will happen is that they will have a bad smell. The second and maybe the worst thing is that there is a possibility of mold. This will ruin everything in boxes for sure. Of course, there are ways to remove mold, but it will take a lot of time and nerves. Besides, why not prevent it?

If the items are in plastic boxes and wet you will not notice this unit you open the box to find what you need. This can be a very unpleasant surprise. So do your best to avoid it. You can always search for storage units near you and if the clothes are not dry the day you wanted to go to the storage facility, you can always wait for a day or two more and take them on your way to work.

clothes drying
Keep in mind that the clothes must be dry

Labeling is key!

This is not just the top advice for summer self storage packing. It is a great way of organizing the self storage and it’s in boxes that you will put inside. Make sure every box is labeled. This will make the process of searching for specific items faster and better. Moreover, to label, your items use black markers. They are the most visible, so you will be able to spot the box that you are looking for quickly. Plus, make sure that you pack the items in the order. Meaning, that if you have some things that you are using only once a year, make sure they are somewhere in the back often storage unit. You will need them only once. There is no need for it to be in front of the door or somewhere reachable.

One last tip

Do not forget to stay cool. Summer can be hard and people not looking for themselves often tend to hurt themselves or someone around them. Make sure you drink a lot of water. This is referring to those who are planning to carry the heavy boxes into the storage unit. Make sure that you always refresh yourself. This way everything will be done without obstacles and disruptions.

a couple holding a piece of watermelon and thinking about self storage tips for summer
Do not forget to refresh yourself when packing items in storage during the summer

We are sure that if you follow these self storage tips for summer that your items will be safe and sound no matter how long you decide to keep them in the storage unit. You just need to be organized and careful when packing, and you will see that everything will stay in pristine condition.


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