Useful tips for downsizing in Louisiana

Downsizing your home can be stressful, especially for the people who love their goods and chattels but hate living in clutter. People moving from suburban homes to city apartments all face the same difficulties. Thinking of new living space with limited room for furniture, home appliances, or other personal belongings. Making a plan before downsizing can save you energy as well as plenty of time. On the other hand, people tend to overlook this step of the entire process. When they do, it can get time-consuming and exhausting. Stick with us because we are going to share useful tips for downsizing in Louisiana.

Making the plan

Moving is one of the most stressful things in the world. Making a plan helps a lot! The first thing we need to talk about is items you don’t want to carry with you or just simply don’t need them anymore. If you are not planning to carry them with you, you can always donate or sell them. That way, you can even earn some extra money! On the other hand, choose wisely which items are necessary for your day-to-day life. The next thing you need to think about is what are you going to do with possessions you are not using anymore. Louisiana moving and storage is a great option since they offer moving services as well as other pre or post-move assistance. Additionally, we are going to list the storage unit options they have to offer!

a man making the plan
Making the plan is one of the most important things!

List of types of storage units

Here are the most popular storage units:

  • Climate-controlled units
  • Indoor/Outdoor storage
  • Long-term storage unit
  • Short-term storage unit
  • Secured storage units
  • Containers

Start as soon as possible and make a timeline

Try starting as soon as possible so you can have enough time to think and sort items without getting overwhelmed. It’s the best practice to start three months prior to the move but if you ask us, the sooner the better. Not only that you’ve started the downsizing process on time, but you are also decluttering your home and having more living space. There are some organizational methods like the KonMari method which got popular in the last few years. Also, when throwing out items you no longer need in your home, you can always rent Louisiana self storage. You will be able to access your items at any given moment if you need them.

storage units
Make sure to choose the right storage unit for you!

Declutter one room at the time

When thinking of decluttering the entire house all at once might sound like a hard thing to do. That’s why you should take it one step at a time. Finishing decluttering the house sounds much easier if you break it into many, smaller projects. Make a plan in which order are you going to declutter certain rooms. For example, start from the gaming room and go through all the DVDs and video games. The closet room should be the next one. Go through all of your clothing and shoes and determine which ones are you going to keep and which to give away. Go through the small kitchen items that you don’t use that often and pack them into boxes. When downsizing in Louisiana, we recommend using on site storage containers! That way you can save up space at home but still have access to all the other items.

Cleaning out your garage

The garage is often used as a personal storage unit. You may find all kinds of items there. You should ask yourself one simple question when wondering what should you do with those things. “Do I actually need this?” – and if the answer is no, then you should get rid of it. Either donate it or sell it. Many people even forget what they have in their garage since they’ve been stashing it for a long time. Taking the time and patiently going through all the stuff is a good move. That way, you can declutter your garage as well as save some valuable items.

Measure the space you are moving into

When talking about downsizing in Louisiana, you have to think about the new space you are moving into. In order to declutter well, you have to measure the new apartment so you can fit in well. The best-case scenario is to know the square feet of every room so you can plan the interior the best way possible. On the other hand, if you still haven’t chosen the new location or don’t have measurements, focus on things you know you won’t need for sure. Later on, when you get dimensions, you can filter your belongings even more and keep the useful ones. There is a possibility that your current furniture won’t fit in your new place, think of simplification and redesign.

Modern kitchen
Decluttering your home is a chance for a fresh start!

Think of the new lifestyle after the move

Try thinking of the bigger picture, after the move. It’s not everything in inch-by-inch measurements, but what are you going to get from downsizing. You have to consider the new space you are moving into as well as all the elements that are going into it. Think of what you want from the new living space. Downsizing is a chance for a fresh start, the restart so make sure to take advantage of that! Besides all of this, besides the move, think of why are you really doing it. For instance, do you maybe want to have less home to maintain in order for you to have more time to spend with your partner? Moreover, you might have just enough time to pick up a new hobby!

Let’s wrap this up!

Downsizing in Louisiana may not be the easiest thing but it is certainly a chance for something fresh and new. If you are doing it for the first time, we highly recommend following our steps because that way, you can save up much more energy and time. We hope that it was helpful and that it’s going to be stress-free! Happy moving and good luck!

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