What packing supplies to use for storage?

When you have a scheduled date for moving to an apartment, home, workplace, or other business location, it is much easier to plan ahead of time. But in many cases, the necessity to move to another place arises unexpectedly, with little time to prepare or make adequate preparations. Fortunately, there’s a solution: self-storage rentals. But what packing supplies to use for storage? This helpful advice from us at Zippy Shell Louisiana on how to plan a relocation and stock up on storage materials will come in handy.

What packing supplies should you use for storage?

Relocation planning should precede any packing for storage. There’s a lot of Louisiana self-storage available and you need to make sure you make the right choice. See what you need to store and what they have to offer in terms of storage. Consider if you need a climate-controlled unit, whether you require short-term or long-term storage, and so on.

parents thinking about what packing supplies to use for storage
Having the right packing supplies will help preserve your items.

Make a list of all the stuff you need to move and figure out the best method to pack them. Assess the necessity to deconstruct the furniture and schedule the necessary time accordingly. The car that will transfer your belongings to your new place needs a parking spot. When you’ve done all you can think of, begin by acknowledging what you’ve accomplished. Packing goods are a need for every move, so go ahead and get them first. Here’s what packing supplies to use for storage – these are the three absolute must-haves:

1. Protective foil

All of the items we mention here could be provided by your moving company. Companies often offer packing and crating options as well. If you want to ease the process of moving even more, self-storage Baton Rogue providers may be able to crate your stuff safely for you and help you preserve them in your storage unit. If you’re packing up yourself last minute and you don’t have packing foil, you can use any plastic bags, laundry baskets, or luggage for packing. It’s always handy to also have a bigger quantity of old newspapers there to wrap delicate objects like cups and cutlery. If you have them or can get them from a friend, vacuum bags or space bags work well for packing clothing.

2. Quality cardboard boxes

It is important to get high-quality cardboard boxes of various sizes for transporting objects in order to ensure that they are properly protected. And to also preserve them in a storage unit. For bigger items, you’ll also need sturdier cardboard boxes. You can find new and good-quality cardboard boxes at self-storage companies. It’s always best to avoid using old and used moving boxes. Yes, you can find these for free, but they can not be used for a long time. Free moving boxes that you borrow from friends or stores are usually damp and can’t hold a lot of items. And your possessions may get damaged during transportation.

a man and woman carrying moving boxes
When it comes to what packing supplies to use for storage, new is always better than second-hand.

3. Smaller plastic boxes for delicate items

For delicate items, like antiques and your collection of plates that you got as a gift but you never use, use smaller plastic boxes and make sure you fill them up with plenty of cushioning. So that your books, dishes, appliances, and CD or DVD collections may all be packed neatly and you’re sure nothing is going to happen to them. It’s not uncommon to find a huge box full of books, but the big cardboard box is so hefty that a forklift is needed to carry it. Because of this, objects crack and tumble out of the cardboard box, which isn’t strong enough to hold that much weight. This is why it’s better to split these things into smaller categories and put them in smaller plastic boxes.

Your available storage choices will affect what packing supplies you use for storage

Moving to a new location necessitates finding a reliable storage facility. Finding a dependable storage facility like our self-storage Metairie is easy nowadays. All you need to do is make a call and book your unit. You can never go wrong by contacting a few different companies. But we assure you that you won’t find a better rate anywhere near. If you’re moving, they can provide you with advice on storage, moving, and transporting your goods. You can also get a discount on storage if you are using more than one service.

storage units
Choosing the right size storage unit is very important.

How to safely store your belongings

Instead of stretch or crackling protective foil, you can also use old blankets or bedding to cover beds or furniture. Find everything that may serve as a kind of protection from cardboard boxes and protective foil to Styrofoam pieces at your local shop. You should label all of your cardboard boxes, especially those with delicate objects in them. Make sure to label the box holding delicate things, and if required, use broad adhesive tape to reinforce the box’s bottom and the edges. When packing dishes, for example, use old newspapers, or wrapping paper, to cushion the delicate goods. And another very important thing: Make sure that the company you are working with is BBB-recognised and check their reviews.

When thinking about what packing supplies to use for storage, keep in mind that objects in storage may be there for an extended amount of time while packing them. As a result, you should always add a few additional layers of protection. It’s usually a good idea to choose a dependable storage option. Rest easy knowing that your possessions are secure if you choose to work with us. You’re only one call away from many affordable options. You just have to choose what you need. Our friendly customer service will be more than happy to help out. And recommend the best choice for you.

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