What to do with all your possessions when moving to Metairie from afar

Long-distance relocation is a strenuous and stressful activity. So many things find their place on your to-do list, and you have no idea where to start. Apart from all that, you need to keep your work and daily life going on. The largest chunk of the moving process lies in your personal and household items. Figuring out what to do with all your possessions when moving to Metairie from afar is the hardest part of your relocation. One of the best movers Louisiana has offers you some tips on how to deal with your stuff when moving long-distance.

What to do with all your possessions when moving to Metairie from afar

You have probably amassed a lot of things over the years. Not all your possessions can go with you to a new place, as a lot of them are probably redundant. Preparing your belongings for a long-distance relocation can take up a lot of your time, so it is vital to start the preparations on time. If you wish to keep your move as simple as possible, and also save up on the moving costs, keep only memories and essentials. Here are some suggestions on how to handle your possessions when moving:

  • make an inventory
  • declutter
  • clean
  • pack the rest
  • hire good movers

Make an inventory

Before hiring the best long-distance movers New Orleans has, make a list of all your possessions. The inventory list will come in handy when looking for a moving estimate. On the basis of the number of items you are relocating, the movers will be able to give you a quote. An inventory is useful to determine which items you will keep. Make a list of the items you no longer use and think twice before you change your mind and decide to keep one of those. A list of all your possessions will be convenient once you move in, as you will be able to determine if any of the items were lost during the relocation.

a planner next to a coffee cup
Make a list of all your possessions to streamline your long-distance relocation process

Use a pen and paper to make an inventory or download one of the home inventory apps. Besides just naming the objects, try to write down what state they are in, what size they are, and whether you need them at all.


Getting rid of the items you rarely or never use will unburden your boxes and moving budget. The lighter the boxes, the cheaper the relocation. There are many ways to declutter your home before moving to Metairie. You can give away your possessions to friends or family members. Alternatively, you can donate them to a local charity organization. Moreover, if you wish to earn some cash in the process, think about selling your items. You may sell them online or organize a garage sale. This endeavor may take up a bit of your time. Wash or clean the items you are selling, take a photo of them (if you are selling them online), and determine the price.

If there are items that you wish to keep somehow, but would rather not take to your new home, there is a solution to this problem as well. Rent the best Louisiana storage and be sure your items will be safe until you are ready to pick them up.

a storage unit
The best way to temporarily get rid of the items you rarely use is to rent a storage unit

In case regular storage solutions are inconvenient for your lifestyle, try the best self-storage Metairie has to offer. Zippy Shell Louisiana brings a storage unit to your address and leaves it on your property until you need it no longer. This way, you have your belongings within reach, and you don’t need to organize a trip to the storage unit to pick them up, nor have moving company staff members bring you your possessions over.


Bringing dusty objects into a brand-new home is not something you would like to do. That is why it is best to clean all your possessions prior to packing and moving. The cleaning activity might take a bit more time but it’s worth it. Once you move into your new Metairie home from afar, your unpacking process will be fast and seamless if your possessions are already clean.

Pack the rest

Once you have got rid of the unnecessary items and cleaned and polished those that you are taking to a new home, it is time to pack your moving boxes. Make sure you have enough packing supplies and learn how to pack various types of items. As for fragile items, you need to give them special care. Wrap each delicate item in bubble wrap and make sure there is no room between the items in a box, so they don’t clink against one another. Use small boxes instead of big ones, to avoid a heavy load for yourself and your movers. Label each box properly, so the movers know where your breakables are packed and treat those boxes with utmost care. Labeling boxes will also facilitate your unpacking process, as you will be able to settle into your new home more quickly.

a couple packing moving boxes
Learn how to pack efficiently to avoid any damage to your items

As for bulky items such as furniture, try to disassemble them as much as possible and pack small parts in a box. Cover the large parts of furniture with blankets or plastic foil and carry them carefully out of the house and onto the moving truck.

Hire a good moving company

Handling all your possessions and the relocation process itself when moving to Metairie from afar is easy if you pick a good moving company. Professionals such as Zippy Shell Louisiana offer an array of moving-related services performed by polite and knowledgeable staff. Whether your relocation is of local or long-distance character, be sure that they will be able to accept any challenge. This renowned Louisiana company also provides top-notch storage solutions and can help you resolve many other relocation issues.


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