What to do with extra stuff when moving to a small flat in Gonzales

Renting an apartment in Gonzales may come with one major drawback: a lack of storage space. But don’t worry, there are many ways to expand your living space even in a small apartment, and make it feel more like home. You should take advantage of your upcoming move to declutter and organize your new living arrangements in order to make the most of your new living space. If you’re moving from a spacious house in the suburbs to a tiny downtown apartment, we are sure you’ll have a lot of extra stuff. So, we at Louisiana Moving and Storage are here to advise you on what to do with all the extra stuff when moving to a small flat in Gonzales.

5 ways to optimize space when moving to a small flat in Gonzales

It is a good idea to get rid of any unnecessary clutter before moving into your new home. It’s a good time to take a look at everything that you own and decide how many things to keep and how many to get rid of. Moving into a new apartment should be enjoyable, and it is often the ideal chance for many individuals to pretend to be an interior designer for a short period of time.

If you’re looking for a reliable moving service, our local movers in Gonzales would be more than happy to assist you. In addition to being stressful, attempting to organize a tiny rental apartment in order to optimize the amount of available space may be much more so. However, it is important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules for deciding which items are worth keeping and which you’d be better off without.

a small flat
If you’re moving to a smaller flat, it’s important not to bring too much clutter.

1. Sell or donate some of your belongings

You should start with items that you can sell. Gain more space and money for moving day or the new apartment by selling off everything you will no longer need. Large or one-of-a-kind furniture are great items to sell. Because people are always looking to avoid high furniture store prices and acquire unique items. Books, video games, DVDs, and vinyl records all have product codes. You can easily sell them in a garage sale. The resale value of any of your other extras, such as clothing, toys, and memorabilia, will vary depending on the specific item.

Donating to a charitable organization is an excellent choice for items that are unlikely to be sold. People usually donate items that have little resale value, such as secondhand clothing, blankets, and toys. We’re sure you’ll find someone who will cherish them. Charities are willing to pick up larger items as well. That can save you the trouble of transporting them yourself. Many national organizations, including The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity ReStores, and Veterans of Foreign Wars, offer donation pick-ups if movers schedule in advance.

2. Invest in highly functional furniture

Your small flat in Gonzales would surely benefit from some multiple-use furniture. For example, get an ottoman where you can also store your extra blankets. You can use plastic or fabric cubes to organize smaller items in the bedroom by using bed risers or a higher bed frame. Toys and other small items fit well on a hollowed-out coffee table. Having a place for everything and hiding extras in furniture is a great way to reduce clutter. If you have some extra furniture you don’t know what to do with, you can always store it in climate controlled storage Baton Rouge. And you can be sure it will be well preserved.

an ottoman that doubles as storage
Make sure to get a few multi-purpose furniture pieces when moving to a small flat in Gonzales.

3. Get a few drawer organizers

What’s the best way to keep your kitchen, bathroom, and closets from becoming cluttered? Drawer organizer inserts are an inexpensive and easy solution. This will not only keep your belongings in order, but it will also save you money by preventing you from having to buy the same items again. A wide variety of items can be stored in drawer organizers, such as utensils, sewing supplies, toiletries, kitchen necessities, jewelry, and cosmetics.

4. Make the most out of your closet

When you live in a tiny apartment, you have limited closet space. To stay organized, try to store similar things together in the same closet, such as winter clothing and formalwear. And rotate the items that are used regularly dependent on the season. You do not need to keep all of your clothing within easy reach. Keep your moving boxes scattered around the house and stack them in closets to make the most of the available vertical space. In a compact apartment, closet space is limited, so making the most of every square inch is essential.

5. Start looking for reliable storage solutions in Gonzales

You can, of course, store your extra items in a self-storage or full-service storage facility. If you need to store something for a short period of time or for a long period of time, these storage facilities are an excellent option. Most facilities like storage units Gonzales LA offer month-to-month contracts for storage units, which keeps costs low. Storage is the best solution for storing seasonal or seasonal-only large items. Renters with a lot on their plates can use a full-service storage company to take care of everything related to storing their belongings. Storage pods and self-storage are options for customers on a tighter budget, as are arrangements with family or friends for the temporary storage of personal belongings.

storage units
The best way to preserve your extra stuff is to hire a storage unit.

Final thoughts

If you’ll be moving to a small flat in Gonzales soon and want more storage space for your possessions, do not hesitate to get in touch with Louisiana Moving and Storage. Our staff will be at your disposal to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your requirements. Call us today and get your free quote.

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