Where to Keep Your Items Between Move-in Dates

It is almost impossible to imagine moving without stress. There are so many things that can happen in that period of time. Sometimes, you won’t be able to transfer all your belongings at once, or you could have a period between leaving one place and starting your life in the next one. You are probably wondering where to keep your items between move-in dates and we are here to give you some ideas. If you are in Louisiana, you can store and move your belongings with ease if you have the right partner in your relocation.

Where to keep your items between move-in dates

In a perfect situation, your moves match up to the day. The lease that is current would come to an end on the same day when the next starts. Your new home is ready to move and at the same time, you can start the sale o fan old one. But the reality is often very different and you will most probably need to use some storage space. Our first advice is to look for some storage containers Louisiana.

man carry a couch representing where to keep your items between move-in dates
Ask your movers to help you with transferring stuff to storage.

On-site storage

One of the options that you can consider is renting on site storage containers. The advantage of these units is that they could be parked in front of your home. That way you have as much time as you want to transfer your items and in the comfort of your own space. You should know that when you use these units to keep your items between move-in dates, they will stay safe for sure. They are not any less safe than units in storage.

Find local storage

It could happen that you will need to go to the place where you keep your items between move-in dates. So it is easier to just find local storage and put all your belongings there. If you live in Monroe or you are moving there, look for storage units Monroe and rent as many as you need. You are the one who’s choosing how much storage space you need and for how long you need it. And if anything changes, you can always change your decision.

Organizing will help

Organizing is everything. In everyday life, but also in moving. And especially in some awkward situations when you just have to figure out where to keep your items between move-in dates. Make a list of your belongings. If you have too many and you just can’t write down everything, make categories. Any kind of system will help you go through this period. Some categories will need special care.

What about fragile things when you want to keep your items between move-in dates?

When it comes to storing your fragile items, you should know that they will need some extra love. Make sure to find time to devote to them. Think about packing material you will have to use. For sure you will need:

  • Appropriate boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape.

Think on time do you have it all and how long you will need to get it. Packing and unpacking are additional services, that you could ask your movers to do for you. Have in mind that they will charge extra for you.

Bulky stuff

Storing your bulky stuff comes with some additional weight. Not only that you will have to think about how to pack them properly, so they remain undamaged, you will also have to find a way to transfer them to a storage unit you rented. When it comes to huge stuff, moving professionals know how to move it and also have the right equipment. So if you hire them, you can relax, knowing that your belongings are safe and will remain the same in the storage.

Storage in transit

If you do not know where to keep your items between move-in dates, storage in transit can be just the option you were looking for. Before you choose a moving company that will help you, ask them if they offer this option. The idea is that your movers take all your items from your current home and put them in storage for the time you agreed on. Then, when the chosen date comes, they will off-load all your belonging to your new home. Have in mind that this is not the cheapest option. You will pay less if you just rent a storage unit for a short period of time. But paying less is not always the best option. This one is way easier and could be cost-effective. So, give it a chance.

cargo in lot
Use storage units to keep your items between move-in dates.

Self-storage is a way to keep your items between move-in dates

Another favorable option for you could be using self-storage. This is an affordable option for keeping items in between moves. You sign a contract month to month so you do not have to rush and be afraid if your new home will be ready in time. There is just all kind of sizes available for your household goods and however big your house is, they will find enough space. Most companies offer insurance facilities, so check for those options to be sure your items are safe.

Stay positive

Being anxious when stepping in the new is so normal. Remember that this is just for some period of time, and that will pass. Your future home will bring you to change so do not ruin that experience with worry. Find a reliable company, who you can give your trust and just do your part of the work.

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Stay positive, you will find a place to keep your items between moves.

Even though your movers will take a bigger and important part in your relocation, you are the one who decides on terms and conditions. So make sure you have all the information and together with them make a moving plan that works. Find the best solution where to keep your items between move-in dates, look for all the solutions, and choose what fits. They are here to help you decide and to put that plan to work, so you can experience stress-free moving. Try to enjoy all the process and keep in mind: That too shall pass.

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