Which qualities to look for in a storage unit in New Orleans

Finding a reliable yet affordable storage option can be hard. Especially if you’ve never used a storage unit before, it can be hard to know what to look for. Some things come down to needs and personal preferences. However, there are also some basic qualities to look for in a storage unit that are the absolute must if you wish to store safely and comfortably. If you’re worried about having to break a bank to be able to afford a quality storage unit, don’t. There are plenty of New Orleans storage facilities that offer great quality for a reasonable cost. But how can you know if a company is truly great and worth storing with? If that’s what’s on your mind, you’re in the right place. We’ll explain to you exactly what you’re supposed to look for to ensure you’re investing in grade A storage.

One of the main qualities to look for in a storage unit is security

This might be an odd one to start with, but security is very important! You may be thinking, “Who wants to rob a bunch of units with furniture”. Well, the truth is, a lot of people! That’s why great security is regarded as one of the most important qualities a storage unit can have. If you care about your belongings, make sure to store with a company that has both a security system and on-site guards. That way you’ll be able to safely store your winter accessories as well as furniture, clothes, work and sports equipment, valuables, antiques, and many more things.

Security cameras on a wall.
Choosing a storage facility with double security is the safest option!

Options, options, and options

Storage you choose should offer many options. Look for companies that offer multiple sizes of storage units, and perhaps even on site storage containers, and customizability when it comes to features. That way you’ll be able to choose precisely what you want. And on top of that, you’ll be able to upgrade or downgrade easily. For example, if you need a large unit now, you may not need it in a month or two. If you store with a company that offers units of multiple sizes, you’ll simply be able to move your belongings just a bit further away. So before you commit to a company, check if they offer variety.

A quality to look for in a storage company is definitely pickup and delivery service

Sure, picking up and dropping off your belongings at a storage facility is doable. However, it’s significantly easier to make a call and have someone else do it for you. Especially if you don’t have a car or don’t want to bother with it, make sure to find a company that offers pickup and delivery. Fortunately, there are plenty of storage and moving companies in New Orleans that offer this particular service. So if this is important to you, make sure to investigate and find out if a company you’re interested in offers it before signing a contract with them. If they don’t, just keep looking. As we already mentioned, there are numerous companies all throughout New Orleans that offer this and a lot more!

Cleanliness is a must when it comes to storing

If storage is dirty, run! We can’t stress enough how important it is for a storage unit to be clean. Dust and bacteria can damage items in a storage unit which kinda defeats the purpose of storing. Sure, you’ll get rid of your belongings for a little while, but what’s the point of paying to store them safely if you’ll just get them back in a worse condition.

A floor being cleaned with a mop.
One of the top qualities to look for in a storage unit is top-notch cleanliness!

Other than that, filthy storage units attract small animals and rodents. And we don’t think we have to tell you what can happen if rodents accumulate in your storage unit. If that happens, you can pretty much kiss a majority of the items in that unit goodbye. On the other hand, if a unit is clean and safe, you won’t have to prepare your items for storage as much. So before you commit to storing, make sure to inspect a unit you’re interested in!

Climate control is one of the top features to look for in a storage unit

Even though climate control is not absolutely necessary in all cases, it’s good to have. That said, some items can’t be stored without climate control and not get damaged. For example, you can’t possibly store a mattress in a non climate controlled unit without risking serious damages to it. In a non climate controlled unit a mattress would probably get moist and moldy. That’s why you should look for a storage facility that offers climate control. If you’re 100% certain that that’s something you don’t need, skip it. But it’s better to have climate control and be safe than not have it and be sorry.

Look for a company that offers insurance

You’ll feel a lot better storing with a company that offers insurance. No matter how great storage is, accidents still happen. So to put your own mind at ease, especially if you’re storing something important, make sure to look for a company that offers insurance. However, you should also make sure that you’re getting a good deal. Some companies do offer insurance, but it’s almost as if they don’t since the deals are terrible. If you’re storing unimportant and cheap items, you may be able to skip the insurance. But, if you’re storing something even remotely important or expensive, try to find a company that offers great insurance deals.

An employee handing over a contract to a client.
When storing, insurance can put your mind at ease!

These are just some of the qualities to look for in a storage unit

Just like you wouldn’t move with New Orleans local movers that don’t have great reviews, you also shouldn’t store with bad storage companies New Orleans residents dislike. We mentioned a couple of main qualities to look for in a storage unit, but there are plenty more. When looking for a storage unit, don’t forget to also factor in your personal tastes, needs, and preferences. Quality is key, but your likes and dislikes also play a significant role!

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