Why do people move to New Orleans?

Many people move to New Orleans due to its extraordinary and diverse culture, food, art, and music. The reasons are various and diverse. But some of them are more common than others ones. If you are still not sure about moving there, read about other people’s opinions and experiences and how the move affected their lives. You should consider both advantages and disadvantages when deciding on something like this. And also, you will need to find New Orleans moving and storage solutions as soon as possible, once you decide that you want to move. The main part for you is to find a reason good enough to leave your old life behind and begin a new one in a city full of culture and good music. We all need a change sometimes. Is this one perfect for you, and your family? Get ready to start enjoying your life!

There are plenty of reasons why people move to New Orleans, so consider some of them

If you just need a fresh start, moving to another home regardless of the city you choose will be enough for you. But if you are among those people who like to get the best out of everything, you might be curious about the reasons why people relocate to New Orleans. Finding a home here and hiring our movers and portable storage New Orleans providers will help you find the answers you are searching for. One of the first reasons why you might wish to move to this city is its location. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, this city is green and leave one. Since New Orleans has excellent weather, you can choose endless recreational options once you complete your move. Regardless of the season, there are so many outdoor activities to choose from when you live in NOLA.

a street in New Orleans
Culture is the main reason why people move to New Orleans

But nice weather and beautiful nature are not the only pros of this magnificent city. Rich culture is something New Orleans is known for. Almost everything in NOLA is formed by history, superstitions, and traditions. Therefore, once you spend some time in this city you will realize it is a place like no other. Here you will enjoy many unique festivals and events that will help you ”get” New Orleans in the right way. This city is full of museums including the National World War II Museum, but also the Memorial Hall Museum. There is no doubt that living in this city is an authentic experience that will probably make you wish to stay here for a long time. So, place your possession in a climate controlled storage New Orleans, rent an apartment, and find out what it is like to be a resident of this city.

This is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country

As the years are passing by, most of us try to improve every segment of life. Regardless of your profession and habits, if you want to achieve your goals it is important where to live. Although large cities are not suitable for everyone, the amenities they offer will help you keep walking on the way to your goals. Luckily, New Orleans is don’t an overcrowded city. It has over 380000 residents and covers an area of 349.85 sq miles. That makes this city a place ideal for people who want to escape from giant cities.

Jackson Square, New Orleans
This is a city of perspective and new opportunities

Over the last few years, this city has developed its economy and that seems it not going to stop soon. The strong economy in NOLA is beneficial both for people who plan to move to NOLA and its residents. If you are thinking about relocating to New Orleans, get a free moving estimate and start planning your budget. Keep in mind this city will give you plenty of opportunities and new life chances.

People move to New Orleans because of the rich cuisine

Before you agree to move to New Orleans and start looking for New Orleans local movers, explore it and ask around. Food is one of the most important needs in everyday life, so why not live somewhere where culinary culture is legendary? In New Orleans, you can easily find meals from Italian, Spanish, English, French, African, Caribbean, and German cuisine. Imagine living somewhere where every day you get to choose which kind of food you want to eat. Not something the same every day. But something new and different. And the main part is that there are rare places where the food is not of good quality. So, you will not even have to think about that. There are plenty of restaurants where you can have exceptional food experiences. Don’t forget to visit:

  • Antonie’s Restaurant
  • Galatorie’s
  • Café du Monde
  • Nola Restaurant by Emeril Lagasse
  • Link Restaurant Group by Donald Link

These are only some of the places where food is so delicious you will be craving more each time you eat there. Also, there are various cocktails whose popularity is increasing more and more. So, know for sure that eating and drinking in New Orleans are incomparable.

A person in Colorful restaurant thinking why people move to New Orleans
New Orleans has an array of unique places where you can enjoy delicious meals from international cuisines

With mentioning those cocktails, it is important to add that New Orleans is also one of those cities which never sleep. So, know in advance that you will find many bars are open until the morning with live music. But the nightlife here is much calmer than perhaps the one you are used to. With some good wine, and jazz music, enjoying in view and food. Nothing wild.

The music scene is stunning

Don’t forget that New Orleans is the city of music. And not any kind of music, but good jazz music. Live music is everywhere to be found. If you are someone who loves to listen to music, this is the perfect place for you. After just one weekend in New Orleans, you will start thinking about renting long term storage New Orleans and finding a home in this city where music is so important. There are plenty of music performances on almost every street and park. Also, not every club and bar, but almost, have everyday live music.

If you are a musician, NOLA will be a true heaven for you. You are about to live in a city where music has a rich history, and it is amazing. Music is a universal language, and it will connect you with plenty of tourists, so be ready to meet a lot of new friends. So, what are you waiting for? Get those long distance movers New Orleans offers and start the relocation. Nevertheless, you should be aware of these facts because if you are not a music fan, it might be just annoying to you.

A silhouette of a person playing a saxophone
Get ready to live in a city of jazz music

Art is also one of the reasons why people move to New Orleans

When we talk about New Orleans, we talk about art. And this art can be related to anything. This is a city with various high-quality museums and antiquarians. Also, the architecture here is stunning. According to our residential movers New Orleans who can provide you with top-notch services, almost every street will make you want to stop and observe the art on the buildings and houses. No matter if you prefer art in paintings or sculpture, New Orleans museums offer both. And many small antique stores will take your breath away. With stunning architecture, you will start feeling the rich history that once happened here. Many different cultures used to live here, and the architecture really shows that off. Some of the most popular places are:

  • The French Quarter
  • Bywater district
  • Tremé
  • Garden District
  • Prytania District
  • The Warehouse District
  • The Irish Channel

City of amazing higher education

If you are moving to New Orleans with kids or teenagers, you will be glad to know that there are many great educational options. This is a place with so many different universities. And all educational institutions in NOLA can offer a good quality education. As a parent, you want what is best for your children’s future, right? Now you have a chance to take an ideal decision when it comes to your children’s education. This way you won’t even have to deal with your kid going to a completely different state from you one day. They will still be there, with you. Maybe on campus, but still, very close. Also, depending on your profession and your future job, this can be helpful.

Students sitting on the stairs
New Orleans attracts students from different places in the country

In case you are a student and considering higher education in New Orleans, you will not make a mistake. We are talking about the city which is home to tons of highly rated colleges and universities. For instance, if you are interested in business, engineering, and biology studies, maybe you should apply this year. Also, here you can study in fields of psychology, music industry studies, criminology, etc. A wide range of excellent universities is one of the most common reasons why young people move to New Orleans in the last several years. This city also offers affordable housing options suitable for students and young professionals.

The growing job market is one of the main reasons why people moving to New Orleans

After Hurricane Katrina, many industries are now expanding and looking for new employees, so now is the perfect time to move there. The job market suffered for a while after the hurricane. Now, slowly but surely, everything is getting back to normal. Even though many people left, there are more people that came, in addition, to helping and starting something new. If these most common reasons are enough for you, now is the time to hire those commercial movers New Orleans offers and plan your move.

Houses in New Orleans are charming, old, and unique

One of the most vivid things about this city is the old houses you can see on almost every corner of many areas of the city. Although this city is older than 300 years, it has preserved a huge number of old housing options. These old buildings give the city character and charm that many visitors can’t resist. Would you like to live on a street with plenty of colorful, old, and charming homes? If the answer is positive, you might soon become one of the people who will move to Big Easy.

a yellow home with red decorations
Get used to seeing plenty of decorated houses around every corner

There is always something to do in NOLA

If you are an active type of person, New Orleans can be a phenomenal city for you. After moving to your new New Orleans home, you will never get bored. And this is not only because we are talking about a big city with many restaurants, shops and places to visit. This is because of numerous festivals, concerts, and sports events you can experience only in NOLA. Also, the city has a lot of beautiful parks where you can get your energy back whenever you need it. In addition, the city has an excellent transportation system so you can easily get around.

Now it’s time to move

After you have considered the most popular reasons why people move to New Orleans, the only thing left to do is move there. Once you calculate your budget and find a new home, get ready for relocation. Make sure to find suitable, reliable, and affordable movers such as our moving experts to help you perform your move. Start with planning and packing from the first moment you opt for this step in life. You will need a lot of time to complete your move, for sure. There are a lot of things to do, so you need to be ready and prepared for everything. Moving out for the first time is definitely not easy, so follow the tips from this article to prevent any inconvenience on the way. We wish you a smooth and pleasant move to New Orleans!


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